What Defines Us


Our mission is to make a family home with a family of people!”


Mission Driven

Ensign Shaffer is a mission driven company. We want more than the typical satisfaction of a day’s work done well. Our sub-contractors have a choice to make; work for a builder who only cares about the work they produce and the profits they’ll make or choose Ensign Shaffer, a firm who cares about them as individuals and their skills and efforts they bring to the job every day as well as what kind of community they go home to once they leave the build site.

Why We Do It

Construction isn’t a fancy titled job. If you’re good at your job and work hard, you can make a decent living. Now, more then ever, in the Denver Metro market, people want a sense of purpose in what they do.

Building a fancy home for someone else can be exhausting unless you get paid enough – and some people can’t be paid enough…however, Ensign Shaffer carefully selects clients as well as contractors who all want the same thing – a fair job for a fair wage and a beautiful home with honored craftsmanship!


People who care are building your home, not robots or factories.

We start with listening to what you want and need. Then we assemble our outstanding network of people to customize who should have a hand in your project. You want your home to be exactly what you hope for (or more) and we believe that each person helping you to achieve that dream should be dedicated to that quality of work. Custom homes, additions, remodels and basement finishes are all done by people for people. Closing your project isn’t where we disappear – it’s where we begin a subtle and lifelong relationship of helpful reminders and tips on keeping your home in great condition.

"... the more knowledge is shared among trades, the more each trade can define themselves with even finer skills."

One of Tari’s favorite expressions is “This isn’t the first house that’s ever been built”, because she believes that a portion of why so many common mistakes continue to be made is because ‘knowledge is power’ and too many people with that knowledge hold the power and then leave the business before they pass on their knowledge. The millennials are tagged for ‘sharing’ and although Tari’s not a millennial; she strongly believes the more knowledge is shared among trades, the more each trade can define themselves with even finer skills.

"Understanding wood and concrete is like understanding the bones of each project... "


“It’s just wood and concrete.” Bridget’s saying comes from understanding the bones of each project. Each project is carefully reviewed for possible issues or better techniques prior to breaking ground. Heading off a problem or prepping for a new technique saves time in the field. For many clients, this is an emotional undertaking and errors and omissions feel personal. Bridget is great at preventing errors and omissions, but is also great at materializing each by narrowing in on solutions. Wood and Concrete or Sticks and Bricks can be fixed. – See her blogs on our post menu!


Tari Ensign and Bridget Shaffer had an immediate mutual respect for each other when coworkers years ago. Each brought a strong background of knowledge to strengthen each other’s current skill set. They spent hours discussing different projects about best new practices and pitfalls to avoid in the future. Early on, shared knowledge became a staple of their relationship.

Tari Ensign



B Corp Certified

One of our most exciting new adventures is becoming a B Corp Certified company!

“B Corporations are part of a dynamic and exciting movement to redefine success in business by using their innovation, speed, and capacity for growth not only to make money but also to help alleviate poverty, build stronger communities, restore the environment, and inspire us to work for a higher purpose. The B stands for ‘benefit’, and as a community, B Corporations want to build a new sector of the economy in which the race to the top isn’t to be the best IN the world but to be the best FOR the world.”
(Quoted from ‘The B Corp Handbook’, by Ryan Honeyman, 2014)

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