Who do you need first, a Designer or a Contractor?

Interview BOTH at the same time.
Each one may have preferred associates to work with and a team that’s worked together in the past often makes for a better experience for you. One can affect the other’s budget and you don’t want to take the time to re-design or worse. Avoid re-designs which may compromise your vision.

How much does it cost to build?

All projects are unique and if you need a ball-park figure to decide if it’s even worth considering talking to Designers and Contractors – Consider this:

  • Basements – Approximately $50 – 80 per square foot
  • Remodel – Approximately $100 – 200 per square foot
  • Addition – Approximately $180 – 280 per square foot
  • New Build – Approximately $230 – 280 per square foot

Why is there such a vast spread of cost per square foot?

There are hundreds of items in each project to consider so a ball-park figure looks at more than just square feet.  For example, a basement will cost more if you have a bathroom, wine room, bar and/or kitchen. A remodel might only be a refresher of a bathroom or a full house overhaul. An Addition could be just adding a main level bedroom out the back or making a single story bungalow into a 2-story home.  New builds mostly consider the materials and products going into the home, like GE vs Maggenau appliances, granite vs marble, single story vs 2 story, and traditional vs contemporary.

Why would I call Ensign Shaffer vs any other Design + Build company?

We recommend you call Ensign Shaffer as well as other Designers and Builders.
You need to feel comfortable with the company you’re about to spend a lot of time and money with for a project that means a lot to you! Comparing helps you decide who the best fit is for you.

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