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House Floor Plan on Paper

ENSIGN SHAFFER designs and builds custom homes that are truly custom to you!

Ensign Shaffer starts by listening, then creates a Schematic Drawing for you to review. Design Development follows, allowing everyone to really understand the magnitude and detail of your home. Construction Documents are then created to tell the city and county exactly what will be built.


Ensign Shaffer starts by finding out where you’re at in the design process and then helps you with their recommendations. We’ll assist you on what to look for when choosing a site and the first steps now that you have a build site picked out. We’ll follow up with customized strategies to gain efficiencies for the unique build process.

We have a wealth of experience in what to look for when choosing a designer and how to design within your budget. But if you’re done with design and just need to choose a builder, we create a budget estimate and help you get through permitting. Once you’re ready and comfortable, we go under contract and start building!


We carefully listen to what you want and what you need in order to give you what’s truly important to you.

We can help you design and/or build your ground-up Custom Home, Duplex, Scrape and Replace project, Major or Minor Additions (including Pop-Top needs), Gut and Remodel, Minor Remodel or Basement Finish projects.


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